Consultation Services

As a scholar, educator, author, and editor, I have decided to offer my services to those who could use an educational and professional consultant. Below are several areas of consultation that I offer and I am happy to work with individuals and groups even beyond these areas in order to meet their particular needs. My consultation fees are negotiable based upon needs and economic resources. By offering such services, my hope is to empower those who wish to pursue education, life-long learning, or a career in teaching or publishing.

If you wish to discuss consultation needs with me, then please send me a private email with “Consultation” in the subject header. I am available to meet those in the Seattle area or to discuss possible services via email or Skype for those at a greater distance.

Educational Consultations

As an experienced educator who has taught in various institutions of higher education, I am available to offer consultation services to potential students looking at their learning options. Often students entering university or college are unprepared for the rigors of higher education. Despite the best efforts of high school teachers and staff, students typically are unaware of what options are available in order to pursue and achieve their learning goals (or even to establish what those learning goals might be!). The best resource is to consult someone who has been in the classroom “on the other side” (i.e, a university professor and researcher).

I strongly believe in empowering students and, to that end, I offer students and parents my services as an educational consultant. I will discuss with the student his or her goals, interests, and hopes. Working closely with the student, we will explore various options and develop a plan to prepare him or her for the path selected. My services are available not only for those completing high school, but also for those earlier in their junior and high school careers (it is never too early to prepare for the future). Furthermore, my services are ideal for mature students wishing to return to the classroom or who are looking at a new career. My consultation rates are negotiable so as to meet the economic needs of student.

Editorial Consultations

I have an extensive background in editing and publishing. Not only have I published a number of books and articles, as can be seen here on my website, but I also have edited several academic journals and a book series along with freelance editing working for an academic press (Equinox). After completing my doctorate in 2005, I spent a few years working for Elsevier, one of the world’s largest academic publishers, notably as a development editor in their social sciences book line and major reference works (physical and social sciences). As an editorial and publishing consultant, I offer a blending of professional experience in publishing and marketing with years of active engagement within academia.

My consultation services are ideal for those looking to break into publishing, needing copy edit services, marketing and distribution advice, or guidance in, e.g., transforming a thesis into a book or term paper into a peer-reviewed article. I am also available to offer direction on the establishment of press, the revitalization of a publishing venture, or launching of a journal. I also offer marketing and production services.

Professional Development Services

Building a career can be as challenging as launching a career. I am available for consultation and seminar teaching for individuals and companies. Below are some of the services I can offer, though we can discuss other possibilities based on your needs.

  • Seminars for faculty and employee professional development on topics in the social sciences and humanities. Professional development is an essential part of a vibrant company or department and such development needs to include cultural insights for effectively interacting with local and global communities. For faculty, professional development should be an ongoing process of enhancing teaching and research skills.
  • For younger academics entering the job market, I offer advice and guidance on developing CVs, cover letters, developing interview skills, and an online presence. The academic job market is one of the most volatile and emotionally draining arenas that a person can dare to enter. With years of experience as an academic and as someone who has traversed the storms of the job market, I offer my services to help those entering this arena to be as well prepared as possible.
  • Other professional development services include guidance on publishing, conference presentations, academic editing, course design, and developing teaching skills.